Corinne Day Diary

Directed by Mark Szaszy, 2003

Shot over a 10-year period by Corinne Day's boyfriend, Mark Szaszy, this fascinating biographical film explores the life and work of one of Britain's most controversial photographers.


New Zealand director Mark Szaszy and British fashion photographer Corinne Day’s project, the hour-long documentary Corinne Day Diary was shot over a period of 10 years, Corinne Day Diary is Mark Szaszy’s first documentary film, focusing on the life and work of his girlfriend, Corinne Day. Ever since the British style magazine The Face ran Corinne’s portrait of the young Kate Moss on its 1990 Summer of Love issue, Corinne’s reputation as one of the world’s most influential fashion photographers has remained intact. In the early nineties, one of her other portraits of Kate, which graces the cover of Vogue in 1993, has become a target of accusation by Bill Clinton as a “glamorification” of anorexia, drugs and even pedophilia. As a result of the controversies, Corinne’s name has been synonymous of the label “heroin-chic” ever since. Corinne Day Diary was first aired on the BBC in the UK in 2003.